Research group

Kammari Research Group is an independent collective of researchers and artists. The group consists of the core people portrayed below and a collaborating network of researchers and artists around the world.

We have ongoing collaborations with several arts organisations, companies and artists, such as NeMe Art Centre, Choreographer Lia Haraki, Performing Arts Centre MITOS, Tanzquartier Wien, ImPulsTanz Vienna, Helsinki University and Helsinki Film Academy.

Apart from our individual projects, we work collectively on a long-term research project combining arts and academic research. More information on the projects:

We also have a long term project in the Kammari Residency, called Integrated Sustainability, which consists of developing the residency house as an evolving collective post-fossil installation and environment. More information by email in case you are interested.

In terms of documentation and publications, we aim to create and support continuous long term research, critical dialogue and public exhibition of contemporary art and research combined. Our research platform:, is one of the methods to do this.

Kammari Research Group:

Sakari Laurila has a Master of Arts in film. He is working in performing arts, cinema, video, music and research. His research topics in Kammari include the virtual in social relations and the ontology of an image and its role in society. For more information, email: sakari (at) Some previous works of cinema/video in: Lumimaa Productions -page. Selected other projects in: projects -page.

Niklas Toivakainen is a doctor of philosophy currently working at the University of Helsinki. His research interests spans from ancient philosophy and history of philosophy, to philosophy of culture, technology, and politics, to philosophy of mind, language and psychoanalysis. Toivakainen is also co-producer of the Kammari Residency. For more information, email: niklas (at)

Lau Lukkarila is a dancer and performance artist born in Oulu, Finland. Lau’s praxis includes plenty of improvisation, dialogue, fantasies and disobedient strategies. Currently Lau lives in Vienna, initiated a performance art collective and is working on a movement research projects and an experimental film project. She is coordinating international performing arts projects of Kammari. For more information, email: lau (at), or:

The official administrative body of the Kammari project is the not-for-profit cultural association: Kammari – elävän filosofian ja taiteen ry, based in Helsinki.

Any questions, proposals etc. in relation to the residency, please email to: residency (at)

Information in general by email: kammari (at)

Website of the Kammari -research project in general: