Kammari residency

The Kammari residency is a house in a mountain village of Cyprus for artists, thinkers and researchers. This artist/research space includes working and accommodation spaces and an experimental garden. As a long-term plan, this residence space is to develop into a self-sufficient (in energy, food and wine) and international encounter and research space. Website of the residency: residency.kammari.org

Kammari Virtual -space for documentation and debate

Another space connected to the contents of the residency is an online platform for documentation in the form of written text, sound and image, and forum for international debate on the topics. There will be published articles, documented events, discussions and performances from the residency, but also from projects that relate to the topics at hand.

Working group

The core working group of Kammari-residency consists of Lau Lukkarila, Niklas Toivakainen, Sakari Laurila and Eleftheria Sokratous. Their collaboration started and got established in 2014-2015 when they co-produced and upheld the Kammari Helsinki space. In addition to the core group, a number of established researchers, philosophers, artists and scientists are part of the projects network.

Any questions or proposals, please email: residency (at) kammari.org