Kammari Project

Kammari – spaces for experimental thinking and arts.

Kammari in general aims to create active and reactive experimental spaces and projects where thinking hard and forms of art join with everyday life.

The Kammari project’s basic aspiration is to combine and integrate philosophical thought and research with artistic practices – mainly music, film, dance, and fine arts as well as experiments in every day life approaches. It aims thus to bring the fusion of art and philosophy into connection with everyday life.

The working processes of the project will build on thematic research processes that span from months to years. Some of the processes will be more strictly arranged with invited attendees, bring together researchers and artists from different fields of arts, science and philosophy, while some processes will be open to anybody that has an interest in the topic.

The Kammari project’s working group will be responsible for the organisation, structuring, analysis, and documentation. More info about the current five research processes and other activities at the end of this page in the “Research processes” section.

1. Kammari – village residency
Kammari village residency is a house in a mountain village of Cyprus for experimental thinkers and and artists. More info: residency.kammari.org

2. Kammari – Helsinki
We had a space in Helsinki for experimental thinking, art actions and constant dialogue between 2014-2015. We lost the space to the landlord and are since then looking for a new space. However now concentration is on the village residency and projects around it.

Kammari work group:
Sakari Laurila
Niklas Toivakainen
Lau Lukkarila

All ideas, proposals, questions:
kammari (at) kammari.org