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Current projects

The Kammari research project includes several interconnected levels of activity: the research group’s long-term research projects, individual research projects and related artistic interventions.

Long-term research projects:

Technology as Ideology – A research project launched in June 2018 on technology’s ideological features and its psychological, social and political dynamics. Main coordinators: Niklas Toivakainen & Sakari Laurila. Read more: Technology as Ideology -project page

Post-Fossil Art Residency – long term research project in the Kammari Residency, combining bio-art, ecological theory and critique and practical applications of energy and food sustainability. The aim is to combine work of theorists, scientists, artists and engineers to build, by 2030, a residency that runs completely independent of fossil fuels and external, industrial sources of materials and energy, whose carbon footprint is positive, and which facilitates the possibility of ecological and sustainable food production.

Artistic interventions:

The Castle of Escape – an artistic research in collaboration with Lia Haraki (, resulting in an installation and a performance in Teatro Polis, Nicosia in February 2020. The content includes research on the experiential aspects of technology that aims to connect the brain’s neurological system directly to a operating system for smart devices. Coordinators Sakari Laurila and Lia Haraki. Production of Pelma.Lia Haraki.

The Phantom Limb – A research and performance project about an intimate relationship between a human and an algorithm. Premier in the Buffer Fringe Festival 2018. Main coordinator: Sakari Laurila. Read more: The Phantom Limb -project page

More information about the projects: kammari (at) or: first name (at)