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Kammari contacts:

Kammari research project in general:
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Kammari Residency in Cyprus:
residency (at)

Personal contacts:
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Research group info:

The Kammari research group is an independent collective of researchers and artists. The project is consistent of the core organising group introduced below and a network of researchers and artists around the world, that work in collaboration. The core coordinators of the group:

Sakari Laurila is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer and researcher from Helsinki. He is currently a coordinator in the Kammari Residency and working on the performance project The Phantom Limb. He is co-coordinator of the Kammari research projects. Portfolio: MORE INFO, email: sakari (at)

Niklas Toivakainen is a doctoral candidate of philosophy in the University of Helsinki as well as active researcher and writer. He is currently a co-coordinator in the Kammari research projects in Helsinki. MORE INFO, email: niklas (at)

Lau Lukkarila is a dancer and performance artist born in Oulu, Finland. Lau’s praxis includes plenty of improvisation, dialogue, fantasies and disobedient strategies. Currently Lau lives in Vienna, initiated a performance art collective and is working on a movement research projects and an experimental film project. She in co-coordinating projects of the residency in Vienna. MORE INFO, email: lau (at), or:

The official administrative body of the Kammari project is the not-for-profit cultural association: Kammari – elävän filosofian ja taiteen ry, based in Helsinki.

Any questions, proposals etc. please email to: residency (at)