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Kammari Research Project

The Kammari Research Project brings together researchers and artists to work on long-term research projects. Since 2018 the project ‘Technology as Ideology’ has been running. More information on the current research projects on Current research projects -page.

The group also runs a residency for researchers, writers and artists in the Troodos mountain range of Cyprus. More information:

The group publishes, open-access, articles and other documentations of the progressing research and creates artistic interventions to inspire open debate on the research topics. Audio documented discussions are done in collaboration with the Helsinki based community radio Korppiradio. The platform for the publications and online debate is:

The core working-group of Kammari Research consists of the researchers and artists Sakari Laurila, Niklas Toivakainen and Lau Lukkarila. They started working together running the Kammari Helsinki space of experimental thinking and arts in 2014-2015.

Kammari has an ongoing collaboration with the NeMe NGO in Limassol, Cyprus, as we both share common goals and approaches regarding the presentation of critical research in the arts.

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